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Young Claret by Animikean

looks good but the colors of her uniform doesn't fit to her hair
her clothes should be black,, or white to make her look more young or otherwise,, more dramatic or the way it is used to be
and her eyes,, i think u forgot to add lashes :D
her shoes can be like an ordinary shoes or a workers shoe?(doll shoes maybe) and she can wear leggings or stockings (white ones) to make her look young,, rather than black... her hair is perfect ,, preferrably cute ,awesome! but her eyes,, again her eyes should be black or blue? that makes her look a kid,, more likely a kid . And if you ask me,, I think you should add dirts in her face and body,, that would make her look like a real young worker,, tired and eased with pain,, that is my opinion thank you!! :)
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